about olympus academy

unknown location, austria

some of us are born gifted ;
some of us are not.
and that is, unfortunately, a thing we must come to accept.

one • the basics

Olympus Academy is really an ancient school; it has existed for as long as most, even the long-lived, can remember - the immortal, of course, not included. It was created as a safe haven for those chased away by judgmental humans because of their abilities. A group of founders came together, and began to build a school where they and their descendants could thrive for generations.

two • the early history

It began perfectly normally - though it was quickly learned to let the children have as much free rein as you could reasonably give them. The races blended, and mixed, into friendship groups and classes and nearly every social demographic they could name. Over time the grounds extended with the student body, and the school began to grow. The idea of Houses was rejected as both divisive and unnecessary.

three • the tragedy

The tragedy can be recounted with perfect detail; as it is that of school ghost, Valencia Amerighi. She was a seventh year in the year 1961 - she lost her way in the forest where she was killed by a rogue, hungry werewolf that had strayed past the school's many magical defenses. This resulted in an increase in security, as well as all students who are not werewolves being banned from going too deep into the forest unaccompanied.

four • present day

The school in the present day is vaguely unchanged, apart from the influx of technology, and of course, even more security. Health and safety is a very important thing in this day and age and this school does not discount itself from that.

five • school life

Students must attend class with no exceptions. Dorms are separated by classification, and of course, gender. There is no strict curfew but students will be expected to get enough sleep to be able to adequately contribute to class. Outside of class students may do as they wish, except go deep into the forest, which is prohibited.

there are those that are good ;
just as there are those beyond redemption.
but we still must keep our minds open to all those who can still be saved
and those who don't know they need to be saved yet.