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delilah honeychurch

Name: Delilah Honeychurch
Age: “A fair bit younger than my sister Ellie, although we're both stuck at the same age. People ask if we're twins.”
Gender: Female (cis)
Species: Angel (fallen)
Orientations: Bisexual / biromantic
Relationship Status: Single Pringle
Height: 5’5". And Ellie hates her for it.
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Green
FC: Jodie Whittaker

Delilah Honeychurch - the ray of sunshineforever embarrassed

-"we are stars exploding in the midst of this great universe."
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Things about her appearance she would most like to change:
Strange or unique physical attributes:
Favourite clothing style / outfit: Probably slightly more casual.
Physical health: Good. She goes through spells where her immune system is shocking, though.

MBTI Type: ENFP ("The Champion")
Speaking style: She has a slightly different accent to Ellie on account of having landed slap-bang in the middle of the south western countryside.
Pet peeves: Impolite people. That's about it. As long as you aren't rude to her, she'll be warm and happy.
Defining gestures/movements: Watch the eyebrows. Always the eyebrows. And the hands.
Insecurities: Honestly, perhaps the main one is wondering if Ellie secretly hates.
Quirks/eccentricities: Singing in the shower. Always.
Special skills/abilities: Like Ellie, she's mysteriously stopped aging. Which is weird, but cool. Ellie still calls her "little sister" though, which sucks.
Temperament: Calm, happy, friendly
Positive traits:
Negative traits:
Upset by:
Embarrassed by: Nearly everything.
Opinionated about: Everything, really. She's much like her sister in that regard.

Where does he/she live? What is it like there?: Lilah spends most of her time bothering Ellie in her apartment.
Fondest memory: Finding Ellie after for-fucking-ever.
Family: One of her ancestors as such 'created' another angel to continue on the line before they fell - she is her only ancestor of note, school founder Cassandra Honeychurch.

Languages Spoken: English, Scottish Gaelic, German, Italian
Deepest secret / why do they keep it?:
Favourite band:
Favourite song:
Favourite movie:
Favourite TV show:
Favourite book:
Favourite colour: Yellow
Dream vacation: Australia
Theme song:
Pets: Like 27568 kittens. She keeps them in Ellie's apartment.