There are some who are not exactly comfortable letting people use their appearance for roleplays. This is a complete list of people who have said that they are not allowed for RP purposes. Anyone can edit this to add more at any time.

Alexandra Madar Alicia Danielle Medina Anna Pagava Ashley Osborn Baek Sumin
Brynn Rumfallo Caroline Grace Winkler Diana Pentovich Emerald Gordon Wulf Jenn Cino
Khloe Jae Lara Jade Leda Muir Lisa Ruocco
Kalani Hillker Kristina Pimenova Kristen Stewart Mia Talerico Millie Ramsey
Zoe Kimball McKenna Grace Mia Hays Morgan Joyce Olivia Culpo
Plum Suicide Sarah
(Orzechowski) Urie
Stephen Gomez
Mary Thompson
Sydney Sierota Thylane Blondeau Taylor Nicole Dean TwiggX

Bard Ylvisaker Bertie Gilbert Cameron Ugh
David Henrie Devin Sola Ian Nelson
Jarrod Alonge Luke Mitchell
(if smut involved)
Jarrod Alonge
Matt Smith Mark Eshleman Michael Kuza
Orion Carloto Trey Defranco -

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