• UniPacific16

    Concerns about the Wiki

    September 22, 2017 by UniPacific16

    Right it only seems like only Soph and I are on here but whoever sees this, we all need to talk together about the wiki because ive been having great ideas for the wiki, mainly the level parts and expansion/quest parts. We all need to communicate about the benefits of the wiki, so this needs to go around to everyone's still apart of this wiki. Comment on this blog the next time you're free and I'll try to set up a time for us to all be on chat at the one time.

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  • JayeMalik'


    February 25, 2017 by JayeMalik'

    (n.) a very good friend or comrade that one considers as family, even if they're not necessarily related.

    Hello! I'm aware we've got about three or four dynamics already running, but there were people interested in this one, which I was tasked with announcing! Basically, this dynamic is a year dynamic, meaning it's a dynamic based off the relations of the students in the same year/grade. If you've seen the year dynamics on DARP, you'll know what I'm talking about. This dynamic, though, is solely for high school freshmen. It's also based off your stereotypical American class, so that's that. Everyone is free to join, so long as the characters are freshmen in high school! The dynamic's name is nakama - as is defined above.

    • You can have more…

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  • Carnarvan

    Nickname Squad

    February 25, 2017 by Carnarvan

    Okay, so I figured, why the hell not make this a thing too xD

    So this dynamic is based off ourselves. It started on a seperate wiki where we incorporated some aspect of our username into the character's name. The premisis is pretty simple. They're a bunch of characters, where each user has based their character off themselves. Whether you want to have the history do that as well is totally up to you, but generally, personality is the largest piece that's based off ourselves.

    Now the age range... since, in RL we're a wide variety of ages that for the mostpart is centered around HS, that's the age range. Sophomore of HS to Sophomore of University. Generally people will put their character in their respective year. For example, I'm a senior in…

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  • JayeMalik'


    February 24, 2017 by JayeMalik'

    A school's not exactly a school if it doesn't have a club/committee designed specifically for dances and parties and stuff, amirite? So, this is for that in specific. These characters are all latinos, one way or another, from all kind of species, that tend to be in charge of everything entertainment-related. They're the ones that throw most of the schools' parties, make up the school dances' committees, and some are even known to host the legendary raves in the old warehouse. also lbr they probably supply all the alcohol for the student body.

    p.s. there can be more than one person in charge of each thing, but pls no more than 3
    p.p.s. there can be the occasional non-hispanic bean but pls keep it at a minimum xD
    p.p.p.s don't edit the blog w/o …

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  • Carnarvan

    The Musicians

    February 23, 2017 by Carnarvan

    So... if this place is supposed to be like a normal High School/University, it would stand to reason that there are musicians, and many different types of musicians, (i.e. genres). Now, I have assembled a list of a few different ones down below but thi is by no means a comprehensive list. So feel free to add more, or rather tell me to add more xD.

    I've grouped them into a few large sections. Rock, Country, Pop, Hip-Hop/Rap, Jazz and Classical music. I also added a fusion section since a lot of these sometimes... mix. Especially rock.

    They only requirement is that they're students at either Uni, HS or the MS.

    Genre Character Name User
    Rock 'n' Roll TBD Carn
    Hard Rock Open Open
    Soft Rock Open Open
    Grunge Open Open
    Metal/Heavy Metal Avery Zolomon Hec…

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  • Frostleaf1615

    The Zodiacs

    February 22, 2017 by Frostleaf1615

    So, upon coming up with a new dynamic idea... I decided, upon discussion with Sophia, to bring this over here. It's basically a group of characters who are all born under the various Zodiac signs, however, they all have one thing in common... They've all originated or were born into extremely powerful families. So, without further ado, here's the chart~


    Character Zodiac User Dates Positive Traits Negative Traits Element
    Open Aquarius Open January 20 - February 18 Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof Air
    Open Pisces Jaye February 19- March 20th Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical Fearful, overly trustin…

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  • Sophia McLaren-Cobb

    Hiiii everyone. Sophie here again.

    So, you all are well aware of how I did mention several times that I was going to leave it up to user's discretion for where teacher offices should be located, right? Anyway, this blog is just to get an idea of where people are gonna have their professors' offices.

    The list will be based on the buildings, not the users. Now, note that, the Esprit Building and the Crystal Hall are not options; that is for a reason. The Esprit Building is for students only, while the Crystal Hall is the Hall of Fame building, and offices do not belong there.

    Comment on this blog with your teachers and where you will have their office located.

    • Headmaster's Office
    • Deputy Headmaster's Office
    • John Roger's Office

    note: only PE teachers…

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  • Sophia McLaren-Cobb

    Hallo, everyone! Sophie here! This here blog of mine serves one single purpose; to grant background to the locations on the campus of Olympus Academy. It is a WIP for the time being, but it'll grant great IC backstory for the Academy.

    Let's begin, shall we?

    The Stadthalle is the main building of Olympus Academy, and it, along with the Turnhalle, is one of the oldest buildings in the Academy. The Stadthalle is home to the bold majority of classes, as well as the Grand Library, the Cafeteria, and the Stadthalle is where you can find the Headmaster's Office. Some teachers have their offices in the Stadthalle (this is up to user's discretion :) )

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  • Frostleaf1615

    Okay, upon group request, I've been asked to make a blog talking about each of the species and their traits to make it easier for RPing... So, here we go~

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  • The Lonely Stargazer

    Why categorize?
    We categorize pages/files/templates/categories on the wiki so we can organize and find things. If something isn't where it should be, it's hard to find it. It's like having something misplaced in your room, and you don't know where it is.
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