School Acceptance and Businesses

School Acceptance and Businesses is the OARP version of Claiming and Sorting departments. This department takes care of all of the accepting of characters and businesses. They're also in charge of helping the other departments with their duties and are in charge of checking to make sure all class pages are updated. The head also runs staff sign-ups in the beginning of the year.


Out Of Character

Out of Character, does, basically what its name suggests. This department takes care of everything dealing with out of character, such as warnings, bans, coding, pages for expansions, and works closely with all the remaining departments. This department also takes care of all rights requests. The head is the one who takes care of all the promotions and demotions.


User Relations

User Relations does what its name more than avidly suggests. It works to make sure everyone is feeling included, and works diligently to ensure that new users find their place in OARP swiftly and willingly. User Relations maintains the User and Character lists, constantly making sure everything is up to date. They also level up users.


Recreation Implementation

Recreation Implementation is for the users who want to come up with ideas, plans, new projects, things to test, basically stuff that will keep the wiki moving forward. Members or this dept actively poll the wiki and talk to the users about what their needs and wishes are. This department is for users who want to help design things like templates or the main page; basically keeping the wiki looking nice. They should also be proactive about getting work done. People in this department need to be able to get stuff done without being told or asked. They’d also be in charge of monitoring the ideas/suggestions board/forum.


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