A Guide to Getting Started in Olympus Academy Roleplay Wiki
Welcome to The Olympus Academy Roleplay Wiki! Being new here and all, it is sure that you have a lot of questions in mind, and there is a clear possibility that your questions will be answered one by one as you read this guide carefully. Yet if this doesn't, do not hesitate to contact one of the administration team in order for them to help you around here.  Behold below the guide that provides you information on the important sections and processes of this roleplaying wiki - that includes the process of joining, getting you character created, role playing and participating in this wiki. 
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Don't have an account yet? To join the wiki, you will certainly need a wikia account. How to have one? Just go to the top right of the page, on My Account, then click Register. Fill out the form presented to you. On choosing your username, please keep in mind that it doesn't have to be your real name, nor does it need any of your personal information. Try to come up with something interesting, or let's say, cool, like some name you would use in a different service, such as you e-mail, for example. Once you are registered, move on to the next step. Note: ALWAYS remember your username and your password to prevent further problems in your account and your wiki activities.

Although there might be "anons", or anonymous people who don't have an account yet their edits are kept in track by their IP addresses, joining this wiki requires you to have your own account. In this way, it'll be easier to keep track of all your edits and characters.


Administration is important to any wiki, including Olympus Academy Roleplay Wiki. What's the difference between all of the administration rights?
Bureaucrats also knows as 'crats' have the job of overseeing the wiki. If a dispute comes up that an admin cannot handle or if there is something that needs an executive decision, a bureaucrat is contacted and the matter is then decided by the bureaucrats in office.
There is a total of five crats, one for every department and two crats in User Relations. It is then their job to oversee that department to make sure all the jobs are being performed correctly and that no administrator is abusing their powers.
Administrators are the backbone of the wiki. They make sure everything runs smoothly and that all duties of their department are being done. They also have the job of training apprentices and rollbacks.
Rollbacks are admins-in-training. Their job is to learn and to assist the admins in the way that they are told. Rollbacks are not considered full admins but are still a part of the administration team.
Chat/Discussion Moderators
Chat/Discussion Mods have the responsibility of monitoring chat and the discussions forum, enforcing rules and making sure all fights are contained and stopped. Even though they have rights, they are not a part of the administration team.

Chat is one of our main forms of communication around the wiki, along with User Talk pages. On chat and on the wiki in general, all users are to be treated with respect. This includes no harassing, wishing death threats upon, screaming at (all caps), or in general being rude to any user here. Any person on the admin team can and will kick/ban any user if these rules happen to be broken in a serious way. These are just guidelines as to how to behave. It is up to the user to determine what is appropriate behavior. Anyone from the admin team will use judgment to their own discretion on each different situation.
Topics Banned From Chat
There's some topics that are not exactly allowed to talk about on chat, usually leading to drama and arguments between users. Here are the banned topics:
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Sexual talk
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Heavy swearing
  • Recruiting for other wikis (Even if the wiki is affiliated with us)
  • Roleplay

If anyone on the admin team hears of any of the aforementioned topics in main, the culprit will immediately be asked to stop. If they continue, then a kick and a two-hour ban will follow. If after the warnings and ban don't work, then the user in question will be banned from chat for one day.

The main language spoken/written here on Olympus Academy Roleplay is English. It is strongly advised that English be used at all times. We acknowledge that there are users from all across the globe, and many users speak more than one language, but there are also users who speak only English. To avoid confusion English will be the only language spoken.
Whilst users are free to say what they wish within reason in personal RPs and chats, any highlighted thread or post on the announcements board must remain as profanity free as possible. Chat does not censor every profanity word, but that does not mean a user has a right to abuse this privilege. Swearing is to be used sparingly, and not spammed. Any user who abuses this will and can be banned from chat or the wiki based on past warnings.

NOTE: Chat box is always on the right side of each page. Just click Join Chat (or Start a Chat).

Entry Level
This is the first level a new user joins when entering the wiki. They level up one week after the date that their first character is approved. The new users are not allowed to participate in missions or expansions or run for positions on the admin team.
  • One character
  • One reserved model
Level One
This is the second level that users level up to. The users are still not allowed to participate in missions or expansions or run for positions on the admin team.
  • Two Characters
  • Three Reserved Models
Level Two
This is the third level that users level up to. The users are still not allowed to participate in missions or expansions or run for positions on the admin team. They can, however, vote in community discussions.
  • Three Characters
  • Four Reserved Models
Level Three
This is the fourth level that users level up to. The users are allowed to participate in missions, but not expansions or run for positions on the admin team.
  • Five Characters
  • Six Reserved Models
Level Four
This is the fifth level that users level up to. The users are permitted to participate in missions and expansions, but not run for positions on the admin team.
  • Seven Characters
  • Eight Reserved Models
Level Five
This is the sixth level that users level up to. The users are permitted to participate in missions and expansions, and apply for helper positions.
  • Eight Characters
  • Nine Reserved Models
Level Six
This is the seventh level that users level up to. The users are permitted to participate in missions and expansions, and apply for chat moderator positions.
  • Ten Characters
  • Nine Reserved Models
Level Seven
This is the eighth level that users level up to. The users are finally allowed to participate in missions, expansions, and apply for RB, admin, and Crat positions.
  • Twelve Characters
  • Ten Reserved Models

Blocks and Warnings
Blocking is the means by which an administrator prevents a certain user from editing here in Olympus Academy Roleplay Wiki. Blocks are used to prevent further damages to the wiki community by user accounts who have seriously broken the policies. Block durations may vary, depending on the severity of the policies contravened. Ample written or verbal warnings should be given out first before employing a block, only unless the seriousness of the violation of rules demands a higher form of action other than a simple warning. This can go from a simple verbal warning to a permanent block.
Requesting Blocks
If a certain user thinks that another user should be blocked, they should contact an administrator. The user should give a reason, a specific reason, as to why that other user should be blocked. An administrator will then oversee and decide if the user's merit deserves such block.
Inequitable Blocks
Once a user is blocked (temp or permanent), the admin will monitor their pages, specifically their talk page, for a month after the block is given. If the user blocked argues that he/she doesn't deserve the block, or the admin who gave it to them was unjust, the administration team will look over all the facts and evidence and will, perhaps, hold a vote as to whether that user really deserves a block or not. If it was found out that block wasn't handed out fairly, then the team will take an appropriate action to fix it.
A full month is given to the blocked user to argue and let his/her opinion be heard. However, if the user doesn't show hints of doing so, and a month passes by since the block was given, he/she would have to wait for a longer time (perhaps a year) before his/her arguments can be taken into consideration.
Reasons for Blockings/Warnings
Administrators can give out warnings and blocks to someone for different reasons:
Valid Reasons
  • Vandalism of the wiki
  • Rudeness or discourtesy
  • Personal attacks
  • Edit or revert conflicts
  • Harassment/bullying/intimidation
  • Policy violation
  • Sock puppetry
  • Immoderate spamming
  • Improper usernames
  • Excessive metagaming, godmodding, and using of OP stuff
Inappropriate Reasons
  • Disagreement with a user or administrator (unless the user is asked to stop arguing but doesn't stop)
  • First Offence: First Warning (or, depending on the severity of the issue, a verbal warning may be given before the first warning)
  • Second Offence: Second Warning (or the Final Warning, the depending on the severity of controversy)
  • Third Offence: Temporary ban (for a week or four, depending on number of offenses already given
  • Fourth, or further offense: Permanent block
Sock Puppets
  • Immediate Permanent block
Role playing is what the wiki's all about. It gives life to this community. But sometimes, users take their imagination too far on what general role playing is. Just because the world the wiki is set in is fictional doesn't mean that the real world's decorum and etiquette aren't applied anymore. The happenings in the wiki coexist with the reality right now, except of course for the fictional world our characters are part of. We also keep the wiki's role playing atmosphere at PG-13. We have a wide range of ages of users that are part of this community. In order for everyone to be comfortable and welcome in role playing, we make sure this policy is applied.
Aside that, we have rules that ensure a fair play to all the users involved. We have policies made to avoid things that are inequitable, such as metagaming, godmodding, and having OP characters, weapons, and powers.
When some arguments, disputes, or debates take place, the usual outcome of those is holding a vote. Votes take place for different reasons. A user is to choose one of the given options that they will vote on, and they can give their reason/opinion for voting that particular option. In the wiki, there are votes for users that are Level Three and above, and some of rollbacks and above. But even though a certain user cannot vote, they can still leave their opinions to be heard out and be taken into consideration.

Inactivity Policy
  • A User who has not edited in over a month will be considered Semi-Active.
  • A User who has not edited in over four months will be considered Inactive.

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  • Keep into account of character species
  • Werewolves cannot perform witchcraft and vice versa
  • You can have an absolute max of 16 chars, but if you can't handle it, then 12 chars is highly recommended.
  • If one of the admins, or a crat sees that you're struggling with 16 characters, then you will be sent a message asking you not make that many again and that you have to choose three to delete or mark inactive.
  • During an expansion, that can be waived BUT ONLY DURING AN EXPANSION
  • Keep in mind the weaknesses and strengths of species
  • Some won't even know of the modern day world
  • EX: The Fey - They have withdrawn from humans due to the difference in opinions. Keep that in mind

Now this is where you will be using your character. Most roleplays here take place in a character's page, such as yours, in the Comments section. Others can take place in our forums which can be found here. Once you have your page on the go, users will post their characters' word bubble in order to welcome you and your character and start roleplays. If you would like to reply, just click Reply below their comment, type in your char's reply by the word bubble you just made, post it, and just repeat the process until you have created your story line and your characters got to know each other well. Characters' pages aren't the only ones used for roleplay. There are locations created in the wiki for the certain purpose of roleplay, roleplay forums and the like, and they work in a similar fashion. Remember that the Admin team is here to help you out. If you want to go socialize with other users, you can enter chat (which is on the right side of the page). Now, have fun roleplaying!

Some Important Rules:

  • Keep it PG-13
  • No sex scenes
  • Kissing and lead-up is fine
  • Make it realistic
  • No all powerful all knowing stuff (GodModding)
  • Keep into account your character has weaknesses
  • You can use the weaknesses against another character IN A FIGHT, but nothing more.
  • No bunnying
  • No replicating other fandom-related characters. (Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, etc)
  • No OPing, especially in fights. A RI official will GM all fights and sports games.
  • No metagaming.

Other Pages to Start a Roleplay:

  1. Roleplay Forum
  2. On the Navigation bar, hover above Locations, and there are pages there in which you can start a roleplay.

After having your character approved, the next step is to create their own profile page. Just type the name of your approved character in the box below and click Create A New Character. If ever you have accidentally spelled the name of your character, don't worry. The page can be renamed. Also, keep in mind that you don't need to put up fancy coding and the like for your character page. It's actually better to just copy and paste whatever's in your character application on the new page for you to start off and explore the wiki and the world of html.

For fancy coding stuff and word bubbles, keep on reading.

Word Bubbles, Character Pages, Fancy Coding, Oh My

Creating a word bubble or a fancy character page isn't all that hard. We promise. As of now, we have 1 working character pages, and 2 working word bubble, all of which can be used to match your character.

The second character template is a bit more complicated and is recommended for users who are more intune and familiar with coding and using wiki templates. That character page template can be found here. Again, please feel free to contact the one who made it if you have questions.

We have one working word bubble here on Olympus Academy Roleplay Wiki. What is a word bubble? A word bubble gives quick information on your character when you role play. On a forum, a word bubble will only be used once, and again, it's to quickly give basic information on your character. In comments it is used all the time.

Alice ~ The Wild Child ♡

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


I'm not crazy, I'm perfectly insane



Character Info

Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 143 lbs.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Birthplace: Greece
Owner: Natalia

This is an example of a word bubble.

After your character is accepted, and you have created a character page, your next step is to create a word bubble. To create the template, simply type Template:(insert the name of the template here). If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone on the Administration Team or anyone who has been here a while and is willing to help you.

Choosing Images
  • Any model is fair game, unless stated by the Banned Models list.
  • The image you choose must not be already used by another character that was created first unless the user who owns the character that currently uses the image gives you their permission.
  • The images should be modest, no nudity or any showing of a person's private parts.
  • The images chosen shouldn't have copyrights or logos stamped on them. Please be respectful, too, of copyright laws. If an image owner/artist has stated clear and concise rules on that page asking it to not be used by anyone in any way, show common courtesy and do not use the image.

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If you feel that the guide hasn't answered all your questions and you still need help, please do not hesitate to ask any of the administration team or any user of the wiki who knows their way around here. In behalf of the wiki, I do hope you enjoy your stay here and help the wiki progress further!

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