Okay, so I figured, why the hell not make this a thing too xD

So this dynamic is based off ourselves. It started on a seperate wiki where we incorporated some aspect of our username into the character's name. The premisis is pretty simple. They're a bunch of characters, where each user has based their character off themselves. Whether you want to have the history do that as well is totally up to you, but generally, personality is the largest piece that's based off ourselves.

Now the age range... since, in RL we're a wide variety of ages that for the mostpart is centered around HS, that's the age range. Sophomore of HS to Sophomore of University. Generally people will put their character in their respective year. For example, I'm a senior in HS, therefore my character is as well.


Character Name Year Species User
TBD HS Senior TBD Carn
TBD HS Sophomore TBD Jaye
TBD HS Sophomore TBD Merisa
TBD HS Junior TBD Frost
TBD University Freshman TBD Sophia

Please comment below if you would like to join. Don't just add yourself.

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