So... if this place is supposed to be like a normal High School/University, it would stand to reason that there are musicians, and many different types of musicians, (i.e. genres). Now, I have assembled a list of a few different ones down below but thi is by no means a comprehensive list. So feel free to add more, or rather tell me to add more xD.

I've grouped them into a few large sections. Rock, Country, Pop, Hip-Hop/Rap, Jazz and Classical music. I also added a fusion section since a lot of these sometimes... mix. Especially rock.

They only requirement is that they're students at either Uni, HS or the MS.


Genre Character Name User
Rock 'n' Roll TBD Carn
Hard Rock Open Open
Soft Rock Open Open
Grunge Open Open
Metal/Heavy Metal Avery Zolomon Hecate
Alternative Rock Open Open


Genre Character Name User
Honky Tonk Open Open
Western Swing Open Open
Outlaw Country Open Open
Bluegrass Open Open
Alternative Country Open Open


Genre Character Name User
Christian Pop Open Open
Teen Pop Open Jaye
K-Pop Open Open
Alternative Pop Open Open


Genre Character Name User
Christian Hip-Hop Open Open
Alternative Hip-Hop Open Open
Rap Open Open


Genre Character Name User
Swing TBD Carn
Blues Open Open
Smooth Jazz Open Open
Big Band Open Open
Tradiotional Jazz Open Open


Genre Character Name User
Classical Open Open


Genre Character Name User
Country Rock TBD Carn
Pop Country Open Open
Pop Rock TBD James
Country Rap Open Open
Rap Rock Open Open
Jazz Rock Open Open


Genre Character Name User

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