(n.) a very good friend or comrade that one considers as family, even if they're not necessarily related.


Hello! I'm aware we've got about three or four dynamics already running, but there were people interested in this one, which I was tasked with announcing! Basically, this dynamic is a year dynamic, meaning it's a dynamic based off the relations of the students in the same year/grade. If you've seen the year dynamics on DARP, you'll know what I'm talking about. This dynamic, though, is solely for high school freshmen. It's also based off your stereotypical American class, so that's that. Everyone is free to join, so long as the characters are freshmen in high school! The dynamic's name is nakama - as is defined above.


  • You can have more than one character in the dynamic, there is no problem with that.
  • We don't want more than one character of the same category unless its specified below, at least until the rest of the slots are filled already.
  • Ships are encouraged. <3
  • Make enemies plskthx.

people involved

Character Name Kind of person Species User
The Queen Bee Hecate
TBD Sketcher TBD TBD
In Love Couple <3 Jaye & Lilly
Copying Machine Sophia
3 TBD Sports People 3 TBD 3 TBD
Different Risa
Catalina + 3 TBD Back of Class Crew 4 TBD Jaye + 3 TBD
TBD Stressed Out TBD TBD
2 TBD Gossipping Machines 2 TBD 2 TBD
Hyperactive James
Musician Carn
TBD Out of Earth TBD TBD
Hard Worker Frost
TBD Class Bunker TBD TBD

Please comment below if you would like to join. Don't just add yourself.

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