Hiiii everyone. Sophie here again.

So, you all are well aware of how I did mention several times that I was going to leave it up to user's discretion for where teacher offices should be located, right? Anyway, this blog is just to get an idea of where people are gonna have their professors' offices.

The list will be based on the buildings, not the users. Now, note that, the Esprit Building and the Crystal Hall are not options; that is for a reason. The Esprit Building is for students only, while the Crystal Hall is the Hall of Fame building, and offices do not belong there.

Comment on this blog with your teachers and where you will have their office located.



* note: you must have a legit IC reason for having an office here*

B&W Hallerne

Hammersmith Apollo/Apollo Building

Malmo Building

* note: only PE teachers and team coaches are allowed to have offices here*

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